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Professor Brendan G Cooper


Academy for Healthcare Science

Professor Brendan Cooper is a Consultant Clinical Scientist in Respiratory Physiology at Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham and also a Honorary Senior Research Fellow at the University of Birmingham. He is a respiratory physiologist with over 30 year’s experience in both clinical and research practice in the UK. He has published over 100 peer-reviewed papers on a broad range of respiratory physiology and he is a world leader in the drive for Quality Diagnostic Spirometry.

As the first President of the Academy for Healthcare Science, his role is to act as figurehead for the many professional bodies in healthcare science and to shout loudly the “One Voice” message around the burning issues emanating from all in healthcare science for all the devolved healthcare systems.

Professor Cooper’s clinical interests include evaluation of lung function equipment, development of new lung function tests, quality spirometry and sleep disordered breathing.  His research includes a wide spectrum of respiratory physiology from the resting state to exercise and sleep. His current research interests are in defining the acute effects of electronic cigarettes have on lung function and new ways of assessing breathing remotely.

He held posts in the European Respiratory Society including as Head of Assembly 9 (Allied Respiratory Professionals) and is currently the Advisory Editor of the ERS Buyer’s Guide. He is the Co-Chair of the ERS European Spirometry Driving Licence Task Force which aims to deliver a standard of competence in spirometry across Europe and beyond.  He has been a Scientific Advisor in Respiratory Physiology & Sleep to the Department of Health, UK for over 10 years and has recently been the President of the Association for Respiratory Technology & Physiology.

Professor Cooper’s interest in respiration spills over into his scuba diving activities and his interest in sleep is tested on a nightly basis!

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